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    • The Vampire Fangs Custom Made Veneer set-up includes the impression materials kit and the construction of your Vampire Fangs, The picture is for illustration purposes only, your Vampire Fangs may look different as each set is custom made to each person, The feature image is one of our own designs – Blood Groove.

After you have ordered your Vampire Fangs please add your Mouth Measurement to your profile page to help us send you the right size impression trays.

During the design process and throughout the order process we email several times to discuss style including length of the fangs, character etc. Each set is never identical, after the initial set-up we email pictures of your Vampire Fangs for approval, making any adjustments as requested. Then, on completion of your Vampire Fangs we provide new pictures if adjustments have been made to confirm satisfaction, we enjoy customising each set of Vampire Fangs we produce to ensure you are happy with the final product!

If you wish for a lower set to be made with your upper Vampire Fangs please email first to discuss design (We have disabled this option due to workload at this time).

Our Vampire Fangs are high quality, made to look as natural as fangs can be, constructed by a highly trained experienced, qualified and GDC registered  Dental Technician.

Choose from the various styles;

Canine only (Traditional Dracula style Vampire Fangs – Images 1, 2 & 3 )

Underworld style (inclined incisal tip on the laterals – Image 4)

Rachel's Fangs

Canine and lateral (Interview style Vampire Fangs – Image 5)

Lateral only (True Blood – Lost Boys Style Vampire Fangs – Image 6)

All the current styles have been made with a popular Vita shade A3 which is fairly dark in colour. They may appear much darker than the A3 shade in the images, we are able to shade match to your natural teeth, or if you would prefer them brighter, just request for this in your order. A sample guide can be sent to you with the impression kit. unless otherwise stated the shade which is natural looking and most available will be used. 🙂

we are starting to fill up the FAQ section for you to read if you have any questions, if however you require a custom set made or you have a different question please email me.

The gallery is slowly growing we have pictures of some recent work, more will be added shortly ….

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