Vampire Fangs Angelus Custom Design



Vampire Veneer custom teeth designed on the Angelus design and i believe similar to Spike as seen in Buffy the vampire slayer – Angel series.

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This is a new product i’ve been asked to design this is for uppers only and includes a lot of custom stain and specific tooth modification,  the picture is for illustration there may be slight differences depending on your own dentition  however will look nearly identical, (With a bit of my own customisation) custom made.

Usual process – includes the impression kit and the construction of the veneer and of course preview pictures of the veneer prior to completion for review, there’s a reasonable amount of work for this veneer so please allow a few extra days for construction than usual. Standard service is 3 to 4 weeks, we have an Express service available please contact us for more details.

Completed this order now and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this design i’ve left the original design to show my interpretation i did change it a little, this is by far my favourite design so far the original is a great design, I’m chuffed i was trusted to reproduce this veneer, soon as i get chance ill make myself one 🙂

I’ve altered the cost on this so your choice with or without lots of stain – character,

I encourage new designs i’ve never done before, I love producing new pieces get creative, make it hard for me to do,

I’m confident I can produce anything you desire, challenge me 🙂



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